Ravenfire Studios:

Joseph Mesa (SN1xP3R) – has been one of the leading designers of creative websites for clans and businesses, since 2003. As an associate with [SCK]’s Creator, they make an almost perfect team! Both have the “Vision” of seeing ideas from an ‘out of the box’ vantage perspective, and the abilities to make that idea – come to life. Whenever they collaborate on projects – it always comes out unique and better than it was originally envisioned!
[Website: ](http://www.ravenfirestudios.com)

CritiKiL, Inc:

For more than 4 decades – Joseph Jackson (@CritiKiL) has been an ‘expert’ in the Aerospace industry as: CNC Programmer / Analyst with certifications in Geometry, Trigonometry, Metallurgy and Parts Inspection, with years of Experience as an Advanced ‘Creative’ Web / Graphics Designer – as well as working extensively with Hughes Helicopter, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas on many Commercial / Classified Military Projects. As of 2010 he added: “iOS / GOOGLE Mobile App Developer” – under his belt. He’s now a “Digital Nomad” and travels Globally while running his companies, all from his Smartphone using Apps. And NOW – Just recently – he “finished” designing the 1st GTA5 Stats bot for Discord Servers! Join the Clan Killas Discord (Click the JOIN button on this App!), to try it out for Free, and if you would like to have it on your own server, subscribe to their Patreon page.
[LinkedIn: ](http://www.linkedin.com/in/critikil)
[Digital Card: ](http://www.linqapp.com/critikil)

CritiKiL / Pete99 Hosting:

@CritiKiL and his Hosting Associate _@Pete Moreno_ (of: Pete99 Technologies), bought a building in New Jersey back in 1998, and filled it with Servers to Host peoples websites. Even though I got out of the Business, my man continues to help in any way he can.
[Website: ](http://www.pete99.com)

Urgent Fury Tournaments:

[SCK] Clan Killas®: Gaming – Would like to wish Mr. @Shane Bell of ‘Urgent Fury’ Tournaments and UF Holdings, a Happy 10 year Anniversary Congrats! The original Founders of UF took a chance and allowed us info their Community, and we never left. @Shane – You picked up where they left off and you _(along with @John and the others)_ have filled some really big shoes almost perfectly, and WE think you’ve all done a great Job!

[UF]: “Win with Honor – Lose, with Dignity.”
[Website: ](http://urgentfury.com)

Aporia Customs:

We are in a Partnership with Aporia Customs, because they specialize in the mechanics and customization for all custom gaming equipment and apparel. Using the highest quality of material offered and taking great pride in their hand crafted work, they have developed one of the greatest selections of products offered within the gaming industry for us to chose from. And a Thanks to @Anthony Scalzi for his help in getting us our own section Brand store, on the actual Aporia Customs site!
[Website: ](https://aporiacustoms.com/collections/clan-killas-gaming/)

Discord Server / Bot Development:

1. @Kelly Sustaita, Our very own “Annonymous” cyber-assassin! – I cannot thank you enough for how much you have used your computer skills and other online talents in helping keep [SCK] ‘High-Tech’ and Efficient.

2. @Rebecca Curo “The Boterator” – Without her experience, [SCK] would not have one of the Best VOIP systems out on the World Wide Web.

3. @CritiKiL designed [SCK]’s 1st ever Discord GTA Stats Bot! For more info on the Bots he has designed – please visit and join one of the Tiers on our Patreon Page:
[Website: ](http://clankillas.games/bot)

Sponsorships / Benefactors:

A special “Thanks” to All of the many [SCK] Clan Killas®: Gaming’s Sponsorships who wish to remain anonymous, because they feel that their contributions do not need to be gratified. But on behalf of all of the Clan Killas®: Gaming group:

“We Respect your wishes, & Thank You!”