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  • All buttons are backlit
  • Changes 7 colors, plus 2 Slow/Fast Blinking
  • 100% Handmade
  • Original modified PS4 Controller


This is an original Sony PS4 controller with custom illuminated buttons and joysticks. Each controller has 7 possible colors that you can cycle through, including 2 flashing modes (slow flash and fast flash). Additionally, the lights can be turned on and off at anytime using a “touch control” sensor.

‘Touch control’ includes a sensor on the back of the controller so that you can turn the lights on, off, cycle through the colors and modes with the touch of a single finger. All controllers are marked on the back to indicate where the sensor is.

EXAMPLE: To turn the lights on, hold your finger on the sensor in the indicated area for 5 seconds. To turn the lights off, touch the sensor for 8 seconds. Tapping the sensor cycles you through the colors and flashing modes.

All controllers are tested to ensure that they are in full working order, but are in otherwise like-new condition. This is an Authentic Sony DualShock 4 purchased new, and only opened for the installation of upgrades. Controller will arrive in original Sony packaging, along with instructions.

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